Bellingham TheatreWorks 2016/2017 Season

Peaches en Regalia


Written by Steve Lyons     Directed by Mark Kuntz

Four strangers at The Horseshoe Cafe are united by the politics of the men's room, a peach dish, time management and a very special pair of panties! Monologues slowly weave together into a tight little plot with a big twist! Years later, Norman, happily married, confronts time management in a final epic struggle.

"Cleverly constructed, this hip little tale is great fun." San Diego Union

"Infectious spunky charm... the funniest play this season!"

"lovely comic touches ... witty and sweet natured."
Fest Online (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

"Four opening monologues become one beautifully intertwined story of lives merging at a critical juncture."
Ventura County Reporter

" the four actors... brought their A games to the stage. "
Cascadia Weekly

Bellingham Herald Take 5 Cover Article


Mrs. Bave Presents the San Juan Saga

Written by Steve Lyons     Directed by Mark Kuntz
June & July 2017

Emelia Bave

World Premier!

The almost true story of a play that nearly happened about a war that never occurred

Bellingham TheatreWorks continues its commitment to celebrating stories of significance to the Pacific Northwest by premiering Steve Lyons’ comedy Mrs. Bave Presents the San Juan Saga. At the center of Steve’s play is the Pig War of 1859, which was a border dispute between the United States and Britain over the San Juan Islands. This war is significant because ultimately there was no war! Peace was chosen over war.

This is the wacky tale of Emilia Bave and her San Juan Saga. Mrs. Bave’s “pageant” was originally presented in 1959 on San Juan Island in celebration of the centennial of the Pig War. The premier of the play featured local acting talent. However, when she wanted to re-mount the play the following year, she found the locals had not been bitten by the acting bug. No one wanted to be in her play! Undaunted, she re-wrote the script to be a narration with the reluctant actors replaced by mannequins.

Pig War Museum

She presented her pageant to unsuspecting visitors for nearly 20 years. When she became too old to continue her pageant, the plucky Mrs. Bave re-invented the play as “The Pig War Museum,” with her beloved mannequins posed in dioramas depicting events from the 1859 “war.”

In Mrs. Bave Presents the San Juan Saga, Mrs. Bave’s Pig War mannequins spring to life, but with Mrs. Bave still firmly in control as ring master. But can she whip these cantankerous Pig War characters into shape before opening night? And will Captain Pickett ever keep his hands to himself?

San Juan Saga

Summer 2017
In Bellingham (June) and on San Juan Island (July)