Bellingham TheatreWorks 2014 Season

The Ghosts of Tonkin


It will devastate two countries.
            It will topple the President of the United States.
      It will kill two million people.

And one man will try to stop it before it begins.

In August, 1964, our smoldering involvement in Vietnam was ignited into all out war when the North Vietnamese attacked a US destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. But it was later revealed that the alleged attack, in fact, never happened. When the Iraq War began, people drew an analogy between the genesis of that war, and the beginnings of the Vietnam War.


In 1964, Oregon's Senator Wayne Morse was an outspoken critic of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that authorized military intervention in Vietnam. Senator Morse was one of only two congressmen to vote against the resolution. The Vietnam War eventually killed over two million people.

August 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. As part of the "Wayne Morse Legacy Series," sponsored in part by the Wayne Morse Center at the University of Oregon, The Ghosts of Tonkin will tour Oregon following the premier in Bellingham.

Winner of the prestigious Fratti-Newman Political Play Writing Award, The Ghosts of Tonkin is based on telephone conversations, senate transcripts, recently released NSA documents and other sources.

This is the powerful story of how seemingly well-intentioned public officials brought about one of the most devastating chapters in the history of the United States: The Vietnam War.

Written by Steve Lyons; directed by Mark Kuntz

Featuring Greg Monahan as Senator Wayne Morse; Gray Eubank as LBJ; Robert Hankins as Robert McNamara; Jim Lortz as William Fulbright; Heather Dudenbostel as Doris; Evan Kubena as Ben.

The Ghosts of Tonkin played August 29 and 30 at Bellingham High School auditorium.

The Ghosts of Tonkin played September 27 at Lincoln Hall on the Portland State University Campus.

The Ghosts of Tonkin played September 28 at The Wildish Theatre in Springfield.

Robbie Hankins, Greg Monahan and Heather Dudenbostel
Naval intelligence officer, Lieutenant Doris Little, (Heather Dudenbostel) confronts Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara (Robbie Hankins) about the attack in the Gulf of Tonkin as Senator Wayne Morse (Greg Monahan) looks on, in The Ghosts of Tonkin.

Border Songs (PAST)


In association with Village Books, Bellingham TheatreWorks presents the stage adaptation of Jim Lynch's best-selling novel, an ode to life on the Washington/Canadian border: Border Songs, the winner of the 2010 Washington State Book Award.

The Seattle Times described the Book-It Theatre’s 2011 premier of Border Songs as a “soulful, fully engaging new adaptation.”

This whimsical adaptation of Border Songs explores the tensions, struggles, law and lawlessness at the Peace-Arch border through the eyes of Brandon, a quirky, dyslexic, socially-awkward border patrolman.


A cast of ten plays over twenty different characters, including menacing drug smugglers, metaphysical massage therapists, illegal immigrants, EPA agents, surly Lynden dairy farmers, obsessed bird watchers, Canadian cannabis entrepreneurs, oddball border dwellers and some of your other neighbors!


Played in Bellingham and Lynden during the summer of 2014. Cast included Kyle Henick, Tim Tully, Sue Dodson, Beth Wallace, Linnea Ingalls, Jim Lortz, Jessica Young, John Gonzales, Jacob Bevelacqua, Angela Kiser, Mario Orallo-Molinaro, Brian Beede, Becky Byrd