Bellingham TheatreWorks 2015 Season



In a salty milieu of unruly fishermen, violent union activists, boisterous temperance fanatics, anti-Asian bigots, and grief-stricken mothers, can love blossom? Inspired by real events, Marina illuminates the woes and wonders of life in Blaine, Washington circa 1908.


Starring beloved Seattle actress Katherine Strohmaier as Marina, the broken-hearted proprieter of the Grubstake Cabaret, Marina explores what it took one woman to survive the rowdy fishing industry along the Washington coast. She is supported by her long-time friend and piano man Ivory Jack, played by Gary Giles.


Bellingham TheatreWorks presents this world premier musical by Semiahmoo playwright Sandy Rood Wolf with a live orchestra and music composed by former Bellingham local Justin Melland. Marina debuted at the beautiful Mount Baker Theatre for three nights only, May 21, 22, and 23. A total of 1600 patrons, with standing ovations every night. 1300 students enjoyed two free educational matinees.


Mark Kuntz returns to the Mount Baker Theatre to direct this ambitious new musical that celebrates the redemptive power of love.

The Ghosts of Tonkin


We remounted The Ghosts of Tonkin, our show from our 14/15 season. We presented it in Seattle in association with ACTLab of A Contemporary Theatre.

It will devastate two countries.
            It will topple the President of the United States.
      It will kill two million people.

And one man will try to stop it before it begins.

In August, 1964, our smoldering involvement in Vietnam was ignited into all out war when the North Vietnamese attacked a US destroyer in the Gulf of Tonkin. But it was later revealed that the alleged attack, in fact, never happened. When the Iraq War began, people drew an analogy between the genesis of that war, and the beginnings of the Vietnam War.


In 1964, Oregon's Senator Wayne Morse was an outspoken critic of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that authorized military intervention in Vietnam. Senator Morse was one of only two congressmen to vote against the resolution. The Vietnam War eventually killed over two million people.

Winner of the prestigious Fratti-Newman Political Play Writing Award, The Ghosts of Tonkin is based on telephone conversations, senate transcripts, recently released NSA documents and other sources.

This is the powerful story of how seemingly well-intentioned public officials brought about one of the most devastating chapters in the history of the United States: The Vietnam War.

Written by Steve Lyons; directed by Mark Kuntz

Featuring Greg Monahan as Senator Wayne Morse; Gray Eubank as LBJ; Robert Hankins as Robert McNamara; Jim Lortz as William Fulbright; Heather Dudenbostel as Doris; Evan Kubena as Ben.

Performed May 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, & 10, 2015, at ACT in Seattle.